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Forensic/Fraud Accounting

An accountant makes sure that a company’s records are accurate, taxes are paid and the company is operating efficiently, or at least he/she should be.

A forensic accountant is someone who investigates and identifies illegal activities, such as, white collar crimes, employee fraud, bankruptcy fraud, credit card fraud, check kiting or embezzlement.

He/she also can perform a variety of other duties, including, but not limited to: 1) Due diligence reviews, analysis of financial data and evidence integrity. He/she can also testify as an expert witness.

As a forensic accountant I try and bridge the gap between accounting and criminal justice, by analyzing financial evidence and provide relevant findings. I also have to have a keen mind towards creativity, have perseverance, integrity, curiosity, organization and attention to detail.

Some of the celebrities that have been investigated by forensic accountants include:

Al Capone
Sir Paul McCartney
O.J. Simpson

Other areas that forensic accounting can be useful in are:

  • Partnership differences
  • Beneficiary disagreements
  • Stockholder issues
  • Due diligence for the buying and selling of businesses
  • Due diligence regarding real estate transactions
  • Basically, anywhere there is a disagreement between 2 or more parties

Please feel free to contact Jerry, either by phone or email, to discuss how I can help you with your concerns on the types of issues discussed above.


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