Jerry Jones CPA
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a CPA that you deal directly with, that understands your business, that works in all 50 states and is there for you when you need him?
“Working with Jerry has literally taken a load off my back. He explains what you can and cannot do with clarity and makes “year end” a painless concept and not the nightmare we are all expecting to face. Jerry truly listens to our problems and concerns and customizes a product to our needs. He has put us “in control” of our business. You can’t go wrong when Jerry has your back”!
Shirley & Jack S., Owner, Apex Grading

Gathering And Organizing

At any stage in life, it is important to have easy access to important documents. For example, for your own planning and decision-making purposes, you’ll want to be able to easily determine your assets (what you own) and your liabilities (what you owe). You will also need to know where key papers and documents are located. Once you have the documents you need, it is a good idea to store them in a safe deposit box or fireproof home safe.


When putting together a big-picture view of your financial situation, there are many places to turn for information, including:

• Family members

• Your accountant, lawyer, executor, banker, or financial planner

• Your auto and home insurance agents

• Bank accounts, investment statements (mutual funds, 401(k), brokerage) and credit card statements

• Documents that detail any business ownership interests

• Military records

• Membership cards

• Credit reports

• Deeds and titles to property

• Life, health, long-term care and disability insurance policies

• Beneficiary designations for IRAs and 401(k)s, etc.

You may also want to contact a local bank to determine whether there is a safe deposit box. For further information, visit 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy (, an educational program sponsored by the AICPA.


Identifying information after a death may involve a significant amount of investigation. For example, insurance companies are not obliged to notify survivors about an existing policy. Typically, it will be necessary to send the insurance company a death benefit claim to receive the proceeds of a policy. It will also be important to determine if the deceased had any unclaimed property. Unclaimed property is money and other assets that are considered lost or abandoned after an owner cannot be located for a specific period of time. Several states allow you to search their databases online, but the best place to start researching is at the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators located at or


While you may not often need these documents, it is important to know where they are located:

• Birth certificate

• Death certificate

• Marriage certificate

• Titles to motor vehicles, deed to home, etc.

• Bank books

• Tax returns from the last three years

• Latest financial statements (personal or business)

• Veterans Affairs file number Knowing in advance where these documents are kept will serve to reduce the stress of locating them at a time when your attention is needed in other areas.


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