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The Best Investment You Can Make

Bob Swift

This week’s title is a bit of a teaser. The best investment you can make is NOT a super mutual fund, a hot IPO, a gold mine, a new venture company from your neighbor or even beach property in Malibu, California.  The single best thing you can do to assure your long-term financial success is to make sure your kids not only get at least college educated but that you make sure they get FINANCIALLY educated.

Every Parent with Young Children and a Life Insurance Policy Needs a Trust

Many parents wisely decide to buy life insurance to cover the outstanding mortgage on the house or provide a surviving spouse security in the event of the untimely death of one parent. In addition, parents understand that it is important to plan for the financial future of their young children in the event of the untimely death of both parents. Equally important in this process is the proper designation of a beneficiary for minor children.

The following imaginary couples illustrate the consequences of choosing the correct or incorrect beneficiary for life insurance proceeds:

1. Max and Maureen designate their minor children as contingent beneficiaries.

Max and Maureen are married and have two children, Millie and Martin. Millie is ten and Martin is twelve. Max and Maureen have no will but each has a life insurance policy in the amount of $250,000. They are reciprocal beneficiaries on the policies, with their children named as contingent beneficiaries. Sadly, Max and Maureen die in a car accident while the children are staying with Aunt Matilda. Because the children are minors, Aunt Matilda must hire an attorney to petition the court to establish that she is the guardian of the children, and enable her to receive the life insurance proceeds on behalf of the children. She is a good aunt and is meticulous with preserving the children’s money. When the children turn 18, they each get over $200,000 in their bank account. Martin immediately buys a $60,000 car and decides he is not going to college after all. Millie decides to go on a shopping spree in Europe. Max and Maureen just rolled over in their graves.

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6 Things You Must Know About Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s)

Written by Danette Lowe, CFP®

When it comes to retirement accounts, many investors often fail to think about required minimum distributions, or RMDs. RMD’s are the amounts you must withdraw from your IRA or Retirement Account once you reach 70 ½. An oversight in withdrawing can lead to unnecessary tax burdens and other financial issues. In order to handle RMDs effectively, here are 6 things you should know:

Fannie Mae Conventional Loan Guideline Updates!

Fannie Mae will implement Desktop Underwriter (DU) Version 9.1 during the weekend of November 16th, 2013.

Some of the major changes coming with DU 9.1 include:

  • Loan to Value Ratio Cap Lowered to 95%
  • Interest­only Feature on Both ARM and Fixed Rate Loans Removed
  • Loan Terms Will No Longer Exceed 30 years

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